RLC Tank Mount Load Cell Assembly

Compression load cell designed for the support of tanks, silos and hoppers

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Ideal for indoor or outdoor process control applications

The RLC Tank Mount is designed to support a uniformly distributed load and is capable of tilting through a maximum of ± 3° from vertical.

It incorporates lift off protection and allows for thermal expansion of the weighing vessel.

High accuracy and long-life load cell

Its compact assembly offers simple installation.

The heavy gauge, stainless steel construction provides a rigid and robust IP68 rated load cell for high accuracy and long life in harsh industrial environments.

Available as a kit for a complete weighing system

The RLC Tank Mount is available in kits of three or four cells, each of which have a range of capacities, up to 10 tons per cell.

Suited to explosive, ATEX environments

An ATEX variant is available for use in potentially explosive environments.