C-Jacks: Container Weighing Solution

C-Jacks are an ideal solution for portable and accurate container weighing.

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BISON Container Weighing Jacks

BISON Weighing Jacks are rugged industrial scales for weighing grounded shipping containers. Capable of weighing all ISO container types, sizes and weights up to 35,000kg, BISON Weighing Jacks are the most portable and accurate container weighing solution available.

Simply attach the four scales to each corner. Jack the container off the ground and then transmit the weight directly to your smart device. The BISON App does the rest for you. Get an accurate gross weight at the packing point, confirm safe load distribution and share weight data instantly.

Fast – Attach, weigh and pack away in under 5 minutes.

Smart – Confirm weight distribution and share weight data through Smart devices.

Portable – Weigh anywhere, anytime. No weighbridge required.

Optimise Container Loads – Maximise revenue and shipping costs.

Avoid Overloading – Take the guess-work out of container packing.

Increase Operation Efficiency – No need to divert to weighbridges or weigh individual cargo items.

Improve Asset Utilisation – Avoid using expensive haulage and handling assets for weighing.

Manage Compliance – Set your business up to meet container weight regulations and accreditation requirements.

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