Software Solution Secures Data Management and Improves Operational Efficiency

Vardhman Group of Companies, a leading conglomerate in India with a turnover of approx. USD 1.1 billion, has significantly improved inbound and outbound material management using an Avery Weigh-tronix software solution.

Vardhman Group has a number of manufacturing locations across various states in India and the business portfolio includes yarn, greige, processed fabric, acrylic fibre, threads, garments and steel. When the company decided to implement an ERP system to streamline its operations, it discovered that assimilating and processing weighing data from weighbridges of various makes / models, with different communication protocols, was a challenge. Multiple data-entry points, operator errors and fraudulent practices also added further complications to the process. Avery Weigh-Tronix’s software solution has enabled the company to overcome these challenges.

Faster, more accurate weighing throughput

The new Avery Weigh-Tronix software solution integrates seamlessly with the plant ERP system so that truck registration numbers can be cross-checked with reference data.

To ensure that the truck is positioned properly on weighbridge platform, the system deploys multiple high-reliability sensors and feedback is provided through Red/Green color traffic signals. This traffic light system ensures that the weight can only be recorded when vehicle is correctly placed.

Additionally, live camera feeds are provided via the operator console to quickly validate the truck and its position, resulting in faster throughput and improved operational efficiency.

The weight data is automatically and securely saved to the ERP database where it can be used for invoicing or to help with inventory management. Photographs of each truck that passes over the weighbridge are also captured and stored for review and auditing purposes.

Integrated weighbridge solution ensures uniform, error-free operation

Rachit Jain, spearheading the core implementation team at Vardhman explains, “With 20+ weighbridges operating round the clock at different locations, it was vital that the solution was robust and secure as well as scalable and easy to maintain.

“Previously, it was left to the operators’ discretion to check the vehicle’s position on weighbridge platform and there was no way to enforce it or verify if it was done. Thanks to Avery Weigh-Tronix’s comprehensive solution, we no longer have to rely on the operator’s skill to get the correct weighing data. The system allows us to validate the position of the truck and identify each individual vehicle, ensuring that all weighments are accurate and that the data is stored securely in our ERP system.”