Postal Scale Speeds Up Customer Service by 30%

With five busy post offices to run, Bali Dhadda is committed to providing excellent customer service. It is vital to weigh and price mail quickly, so in three of the offices she replaced the old mechanical scales with Avery Weigh-Tronix electronic weighing machines.

The result? Better price control, shorter queues, and easier operation. Bali Dhadda says, “With mechanical scales, it can be hard to determine the precise letter weight. This is especially a problem with very light international letters and we often found that we had to undersell. With electronic postal scales, no one loses out. The customer can see the price to pay on the electronic display and is much less likely to query it. He pays exactly what he should and we receive the full transaction value.”

Converting from mechanical to electronic weighing can make customer service up to 30% quicker. Bali Dhadda has noticed this with significantly shorter customer queues. She says, “The postal scale is really saving us time because we no longer need to look up prices and input them into the Horizon system. This saves our operators time and avoids the input errors that can result in over-inflated charges.”


  • Simple operation – requires minimal staff training.
  • Can weigh all types of mail from air letters to parcels – one scale can perform the work of three scales, saving maintenance costs.
  • Automatic update of postal rate changes via the Horizon terminal – quicker and more convenient than referring to price charts.
  • Easily-visible LED customer display, plus single or double-sided operator display.