Forklift Scale Doubles Throughput for AJL Recycling

Avery Weigh-Tronix’s forklift truck scale has doubled throughput for vehicle recycling company AJL Recycling (UK) leading to increased revenue of £600 ($960) per week. It also ensures that there are no overloaded trucks leaving the site.

Previous process proved inefficient

Before investing in the truck scale, AJL recycling used a platform scale. Employees would have to push or lift the vehicle for recycling onto the scale for weighing and a price was paid based on its tonnage. It was then processed and crushed into a metal bale, weighed on the platform scale and loaded onto a roll-on trailer, which was collected when it was full. This process proved time consuming and inefficient and in practice, the weight of the vehicle and the bales was estimated. This led to payment disputes with the vehicle’s owner and potentially overloaded trailers.

Comments Alan Lee, managing director of AJL Recycling: “Unfortunately a fire on the site destroyed the platform scale that we used for weighing the vehicles. An ideal solution would have been to install a weighbridge but this would be an expensive investment and there is not enough room.”

New system doubles throughput

Instead, Avery Weigh-Tronix suggested using a forklift truck scale mounted on the existing five tonne Linde forklift. This required a special 53 inch carriage to fit the truck. Now when a vehicle is brought onto site, the forklift truck lifts and weighs it in one motion. The forklift truck scale is trade approved and the customer can see clearly the weight of its vehicle on the scale’s indicator. AJL then pays the customer a price based on the spot price of iron.

Continues Lee: “The customer can now clearly see the true vehicle weight and is satisfied that he is getting a fair price for it. As a result, the vehicle throughput for our site has doubled; probably due to word of mouth recommendation.”

Prevents Overloading

After processing the vehicle, the forklift truck weighs the crushed bales when they are lifted and loaded into the roll on trailers. This enables AJL recycling to keep accurate records of the trailer’s load and helps prevent overloading.

Lee says: “The recycled metal is collected by haulage companies. We have a duty of care to ensure that vehicles do not leave our site overloaded. It is not fair if drivers get caught with an overloaded vehicle through no fault of their own. The forklift truck scale has transformed our whole operation. Not only have we increased revenue, but we are also now more efficient.”


  • Accurate visible weighing – customer trust leading to doubled revenue
  • Lift, load and weigh in one operation – improved site efficiency
  • Weighing crushed bales during loading – avoid overloaded lorries
  • Strong durable system – minimal downtime due to maintenance
  • Used existing forklift truck – cost effective investment