Checkweigher Meets Hygiene Standards for Kebab Manufacturer

A leading supplier of kebab meat to major retailers, Ace 4 Kebabs, has updated its scales to Avery Weigh Tronix’s new ZQ375 checkweigher, to further improve on its hygiene standards.

The kebab manufacturer, based in Hampshire, UK, moves approximately seven tonnes of meat across its scales per day in order to meet the demands of its network of distributors.  The equipment used by the company must meet stringent hygiene standards and be robust and reliable enough to withstand harsh daily use and high pressure jet washing.

50 tonnes per week

Says Dean Dryden, production manager for Ace 4 Kebabs: “To maintain the long-standing relationships we have with our distributors, it’s important we are able to consistently meet their demands in a timely and cost effective manner.  With nearly 50 tonnes of food passing across our scales each week, it’s essential they are accurate, reliable, and tough.”

Strict hygiene standards

Following their recent investment in a £4M, 33,000 square foot, state-of-the-art factory, selecting equipment that maintained their high standards of hygiene was a key concern for Ace 4 Kebabs. The ZQ375 Checkweigher has an IP69K rated enclosure which makes it suitable for the kind of close-range, high pressure, high temperature spray downs used by the company.

Dryden continues, “One of the reasons we have been able to achieve success in the food industry is our commitment to hygienic excellence.  We wanted to upgrade to a scale with the highest ingress protection rating.  The hygienic design of the scale, along with its resistance to our heavy daily washdown and cleaning procedures, made it the obvious choice for us.”

No condensation in washdown conditions

A specially fitted GORE® vent membrane allows the scale to cope with the rapid changes in temperature associated with this strict cleaning regime, helping to prevent moisture build up inside the enclosure. The easy to remove cover also allows for thorough cleaning with limited food trap areas where bacteria could grow.

Dryden concludes, “Our bottom line depends on supplying our distributors with a high level of product quality and adherence to hygienic standards. The ZQ375 Checkweigher allows us to do just that.”