Axle Weighbridge Facilitates Salt Stock-Management and Budgeting at Rotherham MBC’s Super Depot

Managing salt stock levels and distributing it efficiently to affected areas is essential to keep Rotherham moving in winter months. In response to harsh winter conditions in recent years, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council installed Central Weighing’s Axle Weighbridge system to optimise salt spread across their fleet of salters and winter maintenance vehicles.

A complete system comprising the SupaWeigh 4000 axle weighbridge, WeighWeb internet-based management software and RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification technology now allows the council to weigh salters in and out of their depot to determine net weight of salt spread per vehicle run. In addition, the system gives Rotherham MBC the required management information to drive subsequent forecasting, budgeting and purchasing of salt stock.

Figures for salt dissemination are available per day, week, or month depending on reporting requirements and Central Weighing’s WeighWeb software logs vehicle time in / out allowing the council to determine efficiency per vehicle or driver.

Neil Ayrton, from Environment and Development Services at Rotherham MBC explains “The Weighweb system is predominantly used by winter co-ordinators and supervisors and has become an invaluable tool. Each vehicle is fitted with a transponder which enables the system to recognise our winter service vehicles individually. Each vehicle is logged, and its weight recorded, when exiting and re-entering the site, enabling the system to calculate how much salt it has spread along the route.

Each driver has received basic training on the use of the weighbridge which in turn ensures that all information relating to salt usage is instantly recorded and stored on the WeighWeb site, where it can be accessed at any point in the future to prepare stock management reports. The software is user friendly in terms of accessing data and then exporting it directly into budget reports.”

The Central Weighing system also safeguards Rotherham MBC against the risk of costly fines by ensuring its fleet of vehicles meets current legislation on axle and gross weight overloading.