The best price vs. the best value?

The best price vs. the best value?

When investing in any type of service or maintenance contract it’s natural to want to get the best value for your money, but one thing to remember when choosing a supplier is the best value doesn’t always mean getting the best price.

So, what really drives value in a service provider?

Speed of response
When equipment is critical to your operation and the cost of downtime is high, you want a provider who can get you up and running again as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown. Choosing a provider who has technicians based locally to your site is very important as they can be quickly dispatched to ensure you can keep downtime to a minimum.

The tools and skills for a first-time fix
Getting an engineer to site quickly is only the first hurdle, if they can’t fix the problem first time or need to order in spare parts to fix the fault then you’re no better off. Finding a provider who has the right tools and skills to fix first time is of huge value to your operation and provides you with the maximum uptime possible over the course of your product’s lifetime. 

Having an engineer who is familiar with your site and processes is a huge benefit. Engineers who visit regularly will have been through site inductions and understand your safety rules, they are also familiar with your equipment and any previous issues, saving valuable time when you need a quick fix.

Knowing what’s included in your service package is important so you don’t get stung by additional unexpected costs. Truly all-inclusive contracts, although a little more expensive up front, may well be the key to longer term savings, so be sure to explore all avenues before choosing a supplier and don’t make your decision based on price alone.

Great customer service
Whether it’s the service advisor who deals with your incoming call or the technician who fixes your equipment, excellent customer service and communication is very important. A provider who keeps you informed every step of the way can help you plan for potential downtime and make alternate arrangements while the problem is being fixed. Knowing a provider is doing all they can to find a quick solution to your problem is very reassuring.

Delivering true service value
With a national team of 150 skilled weighing engineers who are only an average of 26 minutes away, Avery Weigh-Tronix don’t just deliver the best value service on the market, we guarantee it.

The Avery Weigh-Tronix Uptime guarantee provides the added reassurance that your equipment will be up and running a minimum of 97% of the timeor you receive your money back. In addition to the guarantee, every account is assigned a dedicated team of engineers who know your equipment and are familiar with your ongoing operational challenges and needs.

8th November 2018