Intelligent waste management system supports waste reduction and offers tangible benefits to users

Intelligent waste management system supports waste reduction and offers tangible benefits to users

Avery Weigh-Tronix launches a new intelligent waste management solution which tracks and records waste data to help users to effectively report on – and potentially reduce – waste across their operation. As well as helping to measure progress against zero waste initiatives, the TraceWaste system provides business data, which allows users to identify cost savings and increase site efficiency. 

Paul Hines, Innovation Director at Avery Weigh-Tronix explains, “Since 2011 the government has been exerting more pressure on businesses to reduce waste that is sent to landfill sites. The initiative is a result of the government’s environmental strategy to focus on the waste hierarchy and build a more sustainable Britain by reducing waste to landfill by 50% by 2020 (Defra). As a result of this change there has been a rise in landfill tax which has further emphasised the need for businesses to adopt a reduce, reuse, recycle and recover philosophy. The TraceWaste system has been designed with these goals in mind, allowing users to effectively track and report on different waste streams within their organisation.”

TraceWaste integrates into waste collection processes and is programmable to track any kind of waste stream. Data can be collected from a single location or collated from across multiple business sites to build a highly accurate reporting tool that can help to effectively manage and report on waste.

The key benefits of intelligent waste management include:

Efficiency – Track and report business waste to help identify where efficiencies can be made. Use the data provided by TraceWaste to implement waste initiatives and monitor their impact.  

CSR – Boost corporate social responsibility credentials by reducing waste. Gather accurate data to support annual environmental and sustainability reports.

Revenue Opportunities – For businesses that specialise in waste collection, TraceWaste offers a highly accurate record of waste disposal across multiple sites. This data can be used to charge for waste disposal.

Cost savings – Put a value on over-production in any manufacturing environment, from food to components, by monitoring the disposal of produce. TraceWaste can help you to reduce waste over time and make valuable cost savings.

Track performance – Tracewaste provides a comprehensive overview of waste disposal across numerous sites. This can be displayed by operation or location and provides traceability across multiple waste streams.

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