When does the amended Weights and Measures Act come into force?

Source: Canada Gazette (http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2014/2014-06-04/html/si-tr46-eng.php)

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Industry, pursuant to section 30 of the Fairness at the Pumps Act, chapter 3 of the Statutes of Canada, 2011, fixes August 1, 2014 as the day on which that Act comes into force.


This Order fixes the coming-into-force date of the Fairness at the Pumps Act (the Act). The Act, which received Royal Assent on March 23, 2011, includes amendments to the Weights and Measures Act and the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act. Pursuant to section 30 of the Act, the Governor in Council fixes August 1, 2014, as the day on which the Act comes into force.


The Act aims to reduce inaccurate measurements by measuring devices used in trade. The Act introduces amendments to the Weights and Measures Act. This also pertains to the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act in order to modernize the laws governing trade measurement. Fines for offences will be increased and a new fine for repeat offences will be added. These new fines for inaccurate measurement provided for under the Act are in line with those of most industrialized countries.