Rent Portable Truck Scales

Renting portable truck and vehicle scales is an ideal solution for fulfilling immediate, short term (or even long term).

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In Stock Now – for Immediate Shipment

Portable truck scales of various lengths for rent or quick ship purchase.

Suitable truck scales for any requirement

Whether your business involves mining, road construction, asphalt installations, timber operations, construction, quarries or anything else, our range of portable truck scales provide the ideal solution for any vehicle-weighing requirement.

It may cover a short lived upturn in business to supplement an existing truck scale, keep a site running while a truck scale is being repaired or replaced, or perhaps just be needed for a short term project.

Portable Truck Scales now available

We are now stocking portable modules which can be configured to meet all your needs; these can be used for a variety of system lengths and configurations. Our truck scales are ruggedly designed, self-contained, and totally portable with a 90,000# CLC & dual tandem axle rating with 3/8″ steel deck and proven Weigh Bar reliability.

Quick installation of a complete vehicle weighing solution

Our truck scales come equipped with bulkheads and safety guide rails. Installation can be accomplished in as little as 4 hours; put down temporary piers, install the deck modules, grade material for a ramp, calibrate, and you’re ready to weigh.

Truck scales are available for short or long term rentals, where and when you need them, complete with Digital Indicator and Printer from a location near you.

Short term or long term truck scale rental available

You can choose to rent our truck scales on a monthly basis or for a longer term depending on your requirements. The minimum truck scale rental period is one month.

Some organizations who choose to rent over a long term, again to save capital expenditure and keep credit lines open for other areas of the business.

Reduce cost of truck scale repair and maintenance

It is the responsibility of the organization renting the truck scale to you to keep it operational, so maintenance will generally be built into the cost and if it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.