Custom Weighing Scales and Systems

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Custom Weighing Scales and Systems

Whilst Avery Weigh-Tronix offers one of the largest varieties of Weighing Scales and Systems in Canada, we know there are customers whose unique needs can’t always be met with products out of a catalog.

That’s where our special Design Team of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Systems experts come in to the picture. We can create a wide range of custom-designed weighing scales and complete weighing systems to fit your exact business requirements.

Examples of our custom-design capability include:

  • RETROFIT or EXTEND existing Truck scales – even non-Avery Weigh-Tronix Scales
  • CUSTOM SIZE Scales to fit existing customer pits – without altering the existing pit
  • DUMP-THRU scales with Hoppers and Grating. Weigh and unload grain or minerals at the same time
  • Bunk Scales and Grain Dump Scales
  • SPECIAL PAINT for scales used in Chemical Plants and other corrosive environments
  • HOT LADLE-TILTING scales for the Metal Forging Industries
  • HEAVY DUTY Scales for the Forestry industry to weigh truck over 250 Tons
  • OFF HIGHWAY PORTABLE vehicle scale, to weigh dump trucks used in Quarry and Mining industries. Self-contained to be portable. Re-configurable modules, to gain scale width or length
  • COIL SCALE to weigh coils in Steel Rolling mills. Detachable self-centering coil guides, customized for varying coil sizes
  • ODD SIZED and HEAVY CAPACITY Floor Scales for the Recycling Metal industry
  • CARGO CONTAINER ROLLER scale for the Air Cargo and Courier Handlers
  • Bolt-on CATWALKS complete with steps. Designed for various Truck Scales
  • PALLET WEIGHER scale – portable, complete with swiveling indicator for Warehousing