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I-LINE2 is a browser based train weight data management software designed to display and print weight data as it is captured by Weighline, Streamline or 52PL weighing systems. The management solution provides a quick visual guide to the status of your train’s and wagons, highlighting overloads and imbalance to help keep your operation safe and running efficiently.


Highly configurable to your application requirements

Data is presented as a user-friendly, highly configurable dashboard on the screen that is continually updated; allowing the operator to identify any overload or imbalances between bogies, axles and wheels at a glance.


Real-time Data Reporting

Train weight data is updated in real-time to the site dashboard allowing the user to have full visibility of multiple sites as trains move across the network. Errors can be spotted quickly and reported to avoid delays and potential safety issues.


Simple-to-use browser interface for efficiency in data reporting and analysis

The simple to use browser based interface enables the processing and reporting of weight information, including tare, gross and tare/gross/net weighing systems, as well as producing reports for each stage of the weighing operation.

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I-LINE 2 Software Brochure (English UK)

I-LINE 2 Specification Sheet (English UK)

I-LINE 2 Specification Sheet (French)

I-LINE 2 Specification Sheet (Portuguese)

I-LINE 2 Specification Sheet (Russian)

I-LINE 2 Specification Sheet (Spanish)