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We offer expert torque tool calibrations within 5 days, with our door-to-door collection and return service. Items are tested and recalibrated by highly trained technicians using state of the art equipment at our Calibration Laboratory in Birmingham. 

How often should I calibrate my torque wrench?

Despite how well you look after your torque tool, over time general usage and wear and tear can impact the tool’s internal workings, leading to it delivering more or less torque than intended.

Applying too little torque to fasteners could see them backing off under stress, whereas applying too much torque could cause fasteners to deform, shear or break.

It’s normal for a torque tool to fall out of calibration during its lifespan, and a simple recalibration will return it to its original performance.

But just how often should a torque tool be calibrated? Too often and it wastes money and causes disruption to processes. Not often enough and the tool could be responsible for producing faulty or defective products without anyone realising.

So, what’s the ‘just right’ interval between torque wrench calibrations?

The short answer is every 5,000 cycles or every 12 months - whichever comes first.

But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet..

There are a number of factors that could affect the accuracy of torque tools and you might want to think about calibrating more often than every 5,000 cycles if;

  • You use the tool in unusually hot, cold, humid or wet conditions
  • The tool is dropped or banged constantly
  • The tool is subjected to an overload equal or more than 25% of the maximum
  • The tool is showing visible signs of general wear and tear, such as old grease, worn parts, or loose screws

These tips can be used as a guideline, but your specific calibration intervals will depend on the exact torque tools you’re using, the fasteners you’re working with, the level of accuracy you need, and potentially the legal requirements which govern your industry.

The recent change to the ISO standards for torque tool calibrations might also impact the type and frequency of calibration you need.


Torque calibrations made simple

The easiest way to manage torque calibrations is to send your tools to a certified laboratory for testing and recalibration (if required). This avoids having to invest in and maintain testing and calibration equipment or dedicate internal resource to performing calibrations.

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