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Weighman 8 weighbridge software gives you total management reporting and control of your weighbridge operation , across one or multiple sites.  

The information that this software provides can help you control wastage, monitor costs, improve site security and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Flexible software to maximise operational efficiency

The Weighman software package works with most manufacturers’ weighbridge weight indicators. 

It is straightforward and easy to use, with minimal data entry per transaction, maximising vehicle throughput and minimising queuing on site.

Multi-format data output to suit your reporting requirements

Weighman delivers transaction data in the format of your choice, for use with Excel, Access or other software packages. 

Custom reports can also be requested.  Transaction information can also be sent directly to accounting software, enabling rapid invoicing and improving cash flow.

Integrates with other hardware / software to create a complete weighbridge management solution

Weighman can be used with unmanned driver terminals, traffic systems, loops, barriers and more.



Guide Rails



Traffic Barriers

Traffic Lights

Compatible products

Weighbridges and Vehicle Weighing Scales

Avery Weigh-Tronix weighbridges are tough , dependable and built to last, even in harsh industrial environments.

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Weight Indicators

Our range of highly-intelligent digital weight and scale indicators are designed for any weighing application and are customizable to suit your ....

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Service and Support

Service and Support

Our new Uptime Select™ service plans maximise uptime and minimise disruption, so you can get the most from your weighing equipment.

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