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Weighs axles whilst in-motion

Designed for fast and accurate weighing, SUPAWEIGH® Axle Weighbridge weighs any vehicle up to 40,000kg per axle ‘in motion’ at speeds of up to 15 km/h.

Simple to install and relocate, this vehicle axle weigher is ideal for sites where space or access is limited.

Ideal Axle Weighbridge for fleet operation management

Installed in many major fleet facilities to protect drivers and operators from the penalties of overloading, along with valuable fleet management information for stock control and security.

Improves road safety and lifetime value

Installed worldwide for front line detection of overloaded trucks, SUPAWEIGH® provides fast, reliable weight information to protect roads from excess damage and dramatically improve road safety.

Used for toll collection

SUPAWEIGH Axle Weighbridge's heavy duty construction enables it to be used for toll collection on high density traffic routes.

Integrated with peripheral equipment to create a complete axle-weighing management system 

SUPAWEIGH® can be integrated with any control barriers, traffic lights, signs, cameras and software to meet the most demanding application.

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