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Whether you need one counting scale for a weekend or one hundred checkweighers to cope with seasonal demand on your production line, Avery Weigh-Tronix has a wide range of equipment available for hire.

All products are of the latest specification and include balances, counting machines, checkweighers, bench and platform scales and a fleet of 50 vehicle weighbridges.

We will advise on the best machine for your needs, can deliver it the same day and also provide the support of a local service engineer for installation, calibration, UKAS/ISO certification and training, where required.

When hiring a scale from Avery Weigh-Tronix, you benefit from the expertise of our 200-strong service team, who will ensure that your working equipment is kept running smoothly and efficiently. 

Avery Weigh-Tronix Hire operates a best price policy and guarantees to beat any quoted price.  A pre-booking service is also available.


We have a range of scales available to hire:


Counting Scales




Crane Scales

Axle pads

Pallet Truck Scales

Reel Counters

Bench Scales


Hire a weighbridge

Avery Weigh-Tronix understands the needs of weighbridge users like no other organisation. Our weighbridges are purpose designed for surface mounting, ensuring fast installation and commissioning.


Hire a counting scale

Smooth running production schedules and the ability to quickly fill orders require accurate inventories. The high precision of Avery Weigh-Tronix scales help ensure that the parts you expect to have on-hand are actually in stock.


Hire a platform scale

From heavy industrial plants to the cleaner environments of food processing, our range of platforms will be fit for purpose. Avery Weigh-Tronix platforms come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, from 6 kg up to 12 tonnes.


Hire an indicator

Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators are the instrument of choice in thousands of industrial settings. The entire line offers a range of standard features for general weighing and flexible options for checkweighing, batching, counting and more.


Hire a checkweigher

Increase productivity with fast, accurate checkweighing. Avery Weigh- Tronix static checkweighers are stainless steel and built to withstand the punishment of washdown in food environments.


Hire a crane scale

Heavy duty crane scales are designed to be used in the harshest industrial environments. Available in a range of capacities of 1, 2, 5 and 10 tonne, with an easy to read LED display and large keys for ease of use.


Hire axle pads

Axle Weighbridges are designed to provide fast and accurate axle and gross weight information for all vehicle types from light vans to the heaviest multi-axle vehicles.


Hire a pallet truck scale

The Pallet Truck weighing system allows users to measure the weight of objects as they are moved from one place to another, whether in the warehouse, the production floor or loading a truck ready for the road.


Hire a reel counter

Parts Reel Counters help prevent a shortage of parts from causing production shutdowns. This machine is designed for counting surface mount parts in tape and reel, safely and quickly.


Hire a bench scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix bench scales satisfy the need for basic weight measurement while providing the added advantages of all-electronic design: fast response, high accuracy and no moving parts for minimal maintenance.


Please select from our range of options below:

Axle Weighers

Avery weigh-Tronix offer a range of axle weighbridges and axle weigh pads.

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Baggage Weighing Scales and Systems

Our airport baggage weighing systems fit into new or existing check in installations quickly and easily, offering robust, accurate scales...

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Bench Scales

Avery Weigh-Tronix Bench Scales are available in an extensive range of size, capacity and finish to suit your working environment.

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Checkweigher and Checkweighing Scales

Our checkweighers are designed for fast and accurate manual weighing in tough industrial environments.

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Container Weighing

We offer a range of container weighing solutions, ranging from C:Jacks to portable Leg Scales, which allow you to weigh containers portably...

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Counting Scales

Highly accurate industrial counting scales for use in part counting and inventory control.

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Floor Scales

Robust, accurate and built to last, these floor scales are available in a range of sizes and capacities to suit every application.

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Forklift Truck Scales

A forklift scale turns an ordinary forklift truck into a highly durable and accurate mobile scale.

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Load Cells and Weigh Bars

Our comprehensive range of load sensing devices and cells includes analogue, digital and vibrating beam loadcells and the innovative Weigh Bar®

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Mobile Weighing Scales

Our innovative scale kits are designed to be fitted to your existing equipment with minimum downtime, providing a simple yet effective mobile weighing

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Postal, Mail and Shipping Scales

We work closely with customers, software providers and system integrators to provide highly accurate post, mail and shipping scales.

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Process Weighing Solutions

From continual monitoring of materials in silos, to discharging by weight or weighing products on the move, we offer a range of process weighing solut

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Rail Weighing Scales

Train weighing and rail weighing scales are crucial for cost control and safety in rail operations. Our train scales are highly robust, accurate and a

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Software Solutions for Weighing Scales and Systems

Our scale software transforms your raw weight information into business intelligence, allowing you to analyze and optimize your weighing operation

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Weight Indicators

Our range of highly-intelligent digital weight and scale indicators are designed for any weighing application and are customizable to suit your ....

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Weighbridges and Vehicle Weighing Scales

Avery Weigh-Tronix weighbridges are tough , dependable and built to last, even in harsh industrial environments.

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View our range of weighing accessories including printers, driver operated consoles and other peripherals.

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Custom Solutions

Our in-house team of developers can use their knowledge and experience to create a solution tailored to your requirements.

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Hire scales and weighing equipment

Avery Weigh-Tronix has a range of scales and weighing equipment available for hire; our range includes balances, counting machines, checkweighers...

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Product Finder

Use our dynamic product finder to find the right weighing scale or solution for your needs.

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Exactrak Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Exactrak real time vehicle tracking system is a unique web based tracking and monitoring system for specialist municipal and highways maintenance vehi

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