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Having the right weighing scale software can transform your raw weight data information into powerful business intelligence, which allows you to analyse and optimise your operation.

All our standard weighing scales can be paired with software systems which are specifically designed to take your data and provide you with powerful reports and dashboards that identify trends and anomalies that can have an impact on your business.

How weighing management software can benefit your business:

  • Provide traceability for all materials
  • Control weights to comply with legislation
  • Analyse your yield and any wastage
  • Monitor and control your product quality
  • Have full stock control and replenishment alerts

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I-LINE2 rail scale software is a Windows® based package designed to display or print train weight data as it is processed by the scale.


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DataPower logging software monitors product movement across production areas, to calculate yield and improve profitability.


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TraceWaste is an intelligent waste management solution that helps you to effectively report on business waste and identify cost efficiencies


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Weighman 8 Weighbridge Software

Weighman 8 weighbridge software delivers total management reporting and control of your weighbridge operation, across one or more sites.


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Weighing software for plant, production and warehousing operations.


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Common weighing software applications

Our software solutions cover a wide range of applications across multiple business sectors. Whether you are looking for software to integrate with your weighbridge system, or to report on your manufacturing productivity, we have a module to fit your requirements including:

  • Goods In/Out
  • Ingredient management
  • Inventory control
  • Bill of materials
  • Order forecasting
  • Quality
  • Yields
  • Stock order picking
  • Recipe
  • Checkweighing


Reap the financial benefits

Some of the benefits of choosing a software system to support your weighing operations include the cost savings associated with reducing giveaway, protecting your business against fines and helping to classify and minimise wastage. Tracking and reporting on your weight data will also provide accurate forecasting on your financial position, as well as provide an overview of current stock value. With simple integration into your existing financial accounting systems, you can accurately monitor and adjust where your money is being spent to ensure you are maximising your returns.


Integration into your existing systems

Most of our software packages are Windows-based systems and are easily configurable to suit your operation. Our programmes range from simple reporting to complex real-time production management systems. They can run on stand-alone PCs or are often integrated into existing networks and third-party systems to provide product configuration, BOM, stock management, planning, purchase orders and sales orders. There are a wide range of third-party systems we integrate with including accounting packages such as SAP, Sage and Opera.

Our software can be paired with a wide range of hardware and software systems including weighing scales, indicators, data terminals, test instruments, PLCs and any other system with an interface for a complete weighing and data management solution.


Bespoke solutions to meet your specific business requirements

If you can’t find a package to suit your specific product needs then don’t worry, we can create bespoke software that is completely tailored to your business requirements. We have a team of in-house and trusted third party developers who are ready to discuss your requirements and advise you on how to achieve your business goals.

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