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Cubetape: Bluetooth tape measure for mobile dimensioning

Cubetape in handThe Cubetape mobile digital dimensioning and measuring device captures the dimensions of parcels and large consignments just like a standard tape measure, but with the added benefit of calculating a volumetric weight for the shipper and wirelessly transferring the data. The Cubetape can be integrated with ERP systems and shipping software, connecting effortlessly to eliminate the manual entry of length, width and height, saving valuable time in the fast-paced freight industry.

Ideal for express freight carriers, freight forwarders and air freight carriers the highly robust and durable Cubetape is offered by Avery Weigh-Tronix exclusively for the UK market. Also supplied as part of a patented mobile weighing and dimensioning solution, the Cubetape is certified as a legal for trade device, which means it can be legally used to charge by dimension, whether that be through customer charge-backs or to set the carriage costs.

The cubetape is lightweight and designed to fit neatly into a pocket or holster. It has a durable design and supplied with a rubber cover to protect it from the harsh warehouse environment.

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Features & benefits

Realise lost income through revenue protection

The Cubetape can be combined with a weighing device such as a forklift truck scale, pallet truck scale or platform scale to form a solution for revenue protecting consignments. Statistics show that only a small percentage of consignments go through a revenue protection process due to the need for speed and efficiency at distribution hubs and depots. Combining the latest in weighing technology with the Cubetape device means you can now revenue protect 100% of consignments without slowing your process down and reap the rewards of lost revenue. See our revenue protection solution for more information.

Increasing process efficiency

Thanks to the Cubetape’s wireless item and dimensional data capture, the device has the ability to increase process efficiency by up to 50%. The device eliminates the need to make hand written paper notes and enter them manually into a shipping system. It can also save significant time in load planning for outbound vehicles.

Data entry made simple

Manual data entry is not only laborious work but can also open you up to human errors. Using the Cubetape, all dimensions are securely sent straight to your ERP or shipping system, with mobile data eliminating the risk of errors from hand-written notes.

Advanced load planning tool

Cubetape can be used as an advanced load planning tool. Simply arm your drivers with a Cubetape and verify consignment dimensions at the point of collection. This data can be synced straight to your load planning software to help you plan your outbound vehicle volume before the consignments arrive at your depot and avoid last minute vehicle cube-out. Advanced load planning can not only make your processes more efficient but can help save cost.

No need for expensive overhead dimensioning systems

Many shippers look to invest in expensive overhead dimensioning devices but the Cubetape can produce the same results at a fraction of the cost, without the bottle-necks associated with a single dimensioning point. By arming loading staff with a Cubetape, they can dimension on their way to the outbound gate without the need to queue or travel to a designated area.

The benefits of charging by volumetric weight

Charging by volumetric weight (also known as dimensional weight) allows a shipper to charge by a combination of a consignment’s weight and dimensions. This allows shippers to maximise their vehicle loads without losing out on the revenue generated from larger but lighter packages or smaller heavier packages.

To calculate a volumetric weight of an item:

Length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm) / 5,000 = volumetric weight

The volumetric weight should then be compared to the actual weight of the item in kg. Whichever of the figures is greater should be taken as the weight used to price the shipment carriage.

Due to the complexity of calculation and the time taken to do it, many shippers lose out by not charging by volumetric weight. The Cubetape makes volumetric charging easy by digitally calculating the volumetric weight of any parcel, pallet or consignment measured and comparing it to its actual weight. It can then automatically flag in the system if a charge-back needs to be made and a price adjusted.

Technical specification

Cubetape dimensions

Avery Weigh-Tronix Cubetape Dimensions

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Charging by volumetric vs box weight

Volumetric Charging verses Box Weight

Cubetape & revenue protection

Revenue Protection Process

Cubetape & revenue protection for airfreight

The Importance of Speed and Accuracy

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