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Is your business losing money from under-declared consignments?

Revenue loss is a common problem for freight forwarders dealing in heavy and large, ugly freight or non-uniform consignments as these types of freight are all notoriously difficult to measure and difficult to price.

Issues often arise when there is a discrepancy between the dimensions stated by the shipper and the actual consignment size. Often this is because it can be hard for the shipper to accurately measure these tricky types of freight, thanks to a lack of time or equipment to get it right.

Back at hubs, the fast-paced nature means checking every non-standard sized consignment can hold up operations. But if the dimensions are not correctly provided and go unchecked, these under-declared consignments can lead to revenue loss for the freight forwarder if the consignments take up more space in transit than originally planned.

Within the UK only 46% of consignments are revenue protected – meaning lost revenue on under-declared consignments could be more frequent than you think. What % of consignments does your business revenue protect? 


Dimension on collection

There is now a new way for freight forwarders to protect their revenue – by confirming consignment dimensions at theCubetape digital dimensioning device point of collection and raising customer surcharges on under-declared items.

Using the Cubetape® innovative mobile dimensioning technology, drivers can take a digital dimension at the point of collection. The Cubetape® scans the consignment barcode and then takes the height, length and weight of the consignment in a matter of seconds. The data is then compared to the dimensions declared by the shipper to ensure there are no discrepancies.

With the driver confirming the accuracy of the consignment details at the point of pick up (dimension on collection), they can provide instant confirmation to the shipper that the details are correct or if they require a surcharge. This avoids disputes further down the line.

The Cubetape® can also be used to optimise load planning as the captured dimensions provide advanced notice on the size and cube of consignments before collection vehicles arrive at the depot, avoiding outbound trailers cubing out.


Protect your revenue

Avery Weigh-Tronix is looking for freight forwarders dealing in heavy and large, ugly freight or non-uniform consignments to take part in a 4-week industry study using the Cubetape®.

The data generated from the study will highlight any discrepancies in the dimensions provided by the shipper when compared to the records of consignments which have been shipped. As a legal for trade solution, this data can then be used to raise a surcharge to the shipper.

The Cubetape® has already been proven to work for a major express freight forwarder, generating £1000 additional revenue per week by identifying consignments incorrectly stated for size and consignments that should have been volumetric, then surcharging customers who have underpaid.

Be one of the first to trial this new technology and find out if you can gain additional revenue by integrating the Cubetape® into your operations.

If you think your business could benefit, register your interest to take part in the study;

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22nd January 2019