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Avery Weigh-Tronix has just launched C-Legs: the first product of its kind to weigh containers in approximately ten minutes, without removing them from a vehicle.

C-Legs can calculate a container’s verified gross mass (VGM) and weight distribution, to
alert the packer of potential overloading and imbalance issues. This makes the scales an ideal tool for providing a verified gross mass, as required by new SOLAS regulations which come into force on July 1.C-Legs small

The loaded container weight can also be added to the recorded weight of a tractor and trailer to confirm that the gross vehicle weight is within the acceptable limit.

Ideal for bay loading vehicles, C-Legs are designed for rapid deployment. Weight readings are transmitted to mobile or smart devices, giving instant access to a container’s VGM and centre of gravity.

Stewart Campbell, Divisional Manager for Logistics at Avery Weigh-Tronix said:
“With the changes to SOLAS regulations coming into force from July 2016, ensuring that containers are weighed by a verified method is critical to supply chain operations.

“The C-leg system provides the VGM reading needed before the container leaves site, providing peace of mind that there will be no delays or additional costs on arrival at port.

“An additional benefit of the system is that containers can be weighed without needing to remove the container from its vehicle. C-Legs make weight verification a fast, seamless and cost-effective process for shippers and their logistics providers.”

Manufactured by New Zealand container weighing specialists BISON, Avery Weigh-Tronix is the exclusive UK supplier of C-Legs.

C-Legs can weigh any ISO container type, size or weight up to a maximum capacity of 35,000kg.
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