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Scales and Weighing Equipment for Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics

With logistics, warehousing and distribution operations becoming increasingly complex and margins tighter than ever, it is important  to ensure that your business is operating efficiently. Weight data can play a vital role, from ensuring that incoming and outgoing goods are invoiced correctly and helping to manage inventory, to avoiding the financial and health & safety risks associated with overloading.

Not only does weight data prove legislative compliance with safety and vehicle operation law, it can also improve your bottom line. The right weighing solution will seamlessly slot into your operation and integrate with your WMS and stock management systems to provide real-time verification of incoming goods, pick accuracy and vehicle loading.

Discover how we can help you to manage pick accuracy and speed, verify incoming goods, operate safely, increase customer satisfaction and profits. 

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The new approach to servicing weighing equipment

Choose market-leading comprehensive cover. Or ground breaking, fully-inclusive with up to 99% uptime guaranteed. Introducing new, clear, unrivalled service levels for critical weighing operations – only from Avery Weigh-Tronix.

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Types of Cover

BridgeCare Total™ and BridgeCare™

Comprehensive, all-inclusive service cover, backed by a groundbreaking uptime guarantee, for weighbridges, axle weighbridges and platforms over 5t

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WeighCare Total™ and WeighCare™

Peace of mind to ensure continuous operation of heavy duty scales.

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Case Studies

SOLAS – Container Weight Verification

SOLAS – Container Weight Verification

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Axle Weighbridge facilitates salt stock-management and budgeting at Rotherham MBC’s super depot

Axle Weighbridge Facilitates Salt Stock-Management and Budgeting at Rotherham MBC’s Super Depot

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