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Scales and Weighing Equipment for the Emergency Services

The normal route of identifying any vehicle’s weight is typically from the manufacturer’s handbook. As most emergency vehicles are specially built by a vehicle converter, adding seats, cabinetry, and many other items during the conversion process, this dramatically affects final vehicle gross weight as well as axle load. This makes the manufacturer’s figures given against the base vehicle, of limited use.

A common method to subsequently identify vehicle weight is by use of a local Public Weighing Station; this may not be situated in a convenient location so can be a very time consuming option, especially when considering additional queuing time.

Vehicle weight is particularly important to ensure that vehicle axle weights are not exceeded, which can result in vehicles becoming dangerous to drive and costly to run. 

Portable Axle Weighing Pads from Avery Weigh-Tronix provide an ideal solution, allowing quick spot checks by total weight, axle weight or by individual wheel if needed. 

The new approach to servicing weighing equipment

Choose market-leading comprehensive cover. Or ground breaking, fully-inclusive with up to 99% uptime guaranteed. Introducing new, clear, unrivalled service levels for critical weighing operations – only from Avery Weigh-Tronix.

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WeighCare Total™ and WeighCare™

Comprehensive, all-inclusive service cover, backed by a groundbreaking uptime guarantee, for heavy duty, integrated scales up to 5-tonne capacity.

If you need to ensure continuous operation of heavy duty scales, WeighCare Total and WeighCare service agreements provide peace of mind.

Rapid-response call outs, site-familiar Avery Weigh-Tronix engineers and preventative maintenance ensure maximum operational uptime with minimum fuss.

WeighCare Total™

If you have a business critical weighing system, WeighCareTotal will keep your operation moving. A rapid response is guaranteed, thanks to our 97% operational uptime guarantee (or your money back*). Preventative maintenance parts and reverification checks are amongst the other benefits.


If your operation can tolerate a unit failure, WeighCare may be the best service option. WeighCare offers a generous level of preventative maintenance and calibration cover for a highly cost-effective annual fee. Additional benefits include an 8-hour response and discounted repairs and parts.

What's included WeighCare TotalWeighCare
Service level 97% Uptime guarentee 8-hour response
Site dedicated Engineers
Calibration visit included 1 1
Preventative maintenance visits included 1 1
Appointments included
Health checks included 1 1
Reverification included -
Call out included
On-site labour included First hour
Preventative maintenance parts included -
Repair parts and consumables included -
Discount on replacement equipment


* We will refund a percentage of your annual fee, proportonate to the downtime experienced.

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