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Resource Efficiency and Waste Management

Our weighing scales and systems provide the data required for legislative compliance and operational efficiency in waste management industries.

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Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics

Weight data helps ensure correct invoicing of goods, inventory management and correct vehicle loading in the warehouse and distribution industry.

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Mining and Quarrying

Accurate weight data is critical for all sectors of the mining and quarrying industries, from exploration and processing to waste management.


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Weighing scales and systems help manufacturing companies measure inputs, collect and analyse data and monitor waste to maximise efficiency.

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Food and Drink

Weighing equipment helps to maximise efficiency and meet regulatory standards at all stage of food production, from farm to fork.

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Bulk Ingredients

In bulk ingredients handling operations, it is vital that incoming raw ingredients and outgoing finished product are weighed reliably and accurately.

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Weighing scales and systems can help Construction companies improve efficiency and minimise waste by measuring inputs, finished goods and wastage.

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Government Bodies

Weighing systems help government bodies by weighing incoming raw materials, preventing vehicle overloading, controlling processes & monitoring waste.

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Chemical, Refinery, Oil and Gas

Our scales have been designed to stand up to harsh chemical industry conditions with many features designed for hazardous or corrosive environments.

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Power Generation

Weighing scales and systems can help monitor incoming raw materials and measure outgoing waste in order to optimise power generation processes.

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Agriculture and Farming

Weighing scales and systems for the Agriculture and Farming industry help to achieve accurate weighing of materials.

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Services and Facilities Management

With FM professionals responsible for a vast array of services, ensure that the weighing equipment you recommend will not let you down.

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