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This industrial scale is especially suitable for meat and poultry processing where product is moved continuously.

Simple installation

The monorail scale is simple to install. The existing overhead track is cut in two places and the scale inserted between. It uses existing hangers, so there is no need to purchase additional ones.

Static and in-motion weighing capability

The carcass weighing monorail scale is available in static and in motion variations. The static scale is trade approved, meaning it is suitable for commercial applications where product is sold by weight.

Sizes and capacities

This scale is available in 24” and 48” dimensions and 1,000lbs and 2,000 lbs capacities.

Built for the harshest food environments

This overhead track scale is robust enough to stand up to the harsh environments of food processing plants. It features the patented Weigh Bar for outstanding accuracy and durability and the whole scale is galvanised for maximum corrosion resistance.

Compatible products

Weight Indicators

Our highly-intelligent digital weight and scale indicators are designed for any weighing application and are customizable to suit your needs.

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