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Holystone Waste has halved invoice administration time by improving data accuracy, thanks to weighbridge/truck scale software from Avery Weigh-Tronix.

As one of the largest waste management companies in the North East of England, Holystone Waste receives, sorts and recycles a wide variety of materials at its three waste transfer stations.

With numerous vehicles arriving throughout the day, the client must maintain tight control of haulier data and the waste disposed of to ensure accounts’ accuracy. The company has relied on a number of Avery Weigh-Tronix weighbridges and monitoring systems over the years, but has noticed significant efficiency improvements with the system that it now uses.


Automated system reduces operator error

Ryan Peddie, IT Manager explains, “With seven users operating across three sites, it is vital that the software is robust and above all, easy to use. In the past, operators entered data from the printed weight ticket manually, whereas the latest software is configured to capture only the essential information we require for each transaction, making it faster to use and significantly reducing input errors.


Shorter queues at the scale

Our customers are equally impressed as there are fewer invoice queries and weighing cycle times have been reduced, resulting in shorter queues at the weighbridge. Effectively, what was once a full time position is now a part-time role, leaving the clerk free to complete other duties and  reducing our overall workload.”

The software controls every weighbridge transaction, by capturing the vehicle’s registration number, company name, waste type and weight. This information is fed seamlessly from each PC via the company’s virtual private network (VPN) to the head office where it is integrated into the Sage  Line 50 accounts system and an invoice is generated.



  • Single point of control for all weighbridge transactions – better operational efficiency
  • Interfaces with existing accounts system – helping to improve invoice accuracy and cash flow
  • Records and stores all relevant data – provides a paperless and easily accessible audit trail
  • Short cut keys – provide fast access to frequently recalled information
  • Communication via the client’s existing VPN – ensuring reliable and uninterrupted connection to remote sites to avoid downtime