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Ideal for applications weighing in motion

The ZM305 Indicator is also very quick, sampling at 80 times per second, which is essential for accuracy when weighing in motion.  It also features three standard set point outputs, and solutions for integration with peripherals for a wider system.

Indicator suitable for vehicle weighing applications

Ideal for use in vehicle weighing applications, the ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound Indicator can be used for any application where container weights need to be recorded against a tare ID/register.

The indicator’s database can store up to 1000 truck IDs, including gross, tare and net totals, number of transactions, fleet tare weights and in the inbound date/time of a vehicle. Operators have the ability to easily print or export reports showing in, out and fleet transactions.


The ZM305 can connect with up to 14 analog weight sensors and its higher excitation voltage makes it suitable for applications that require scale input from multiple weight sensors at a long distance.

Built for washdown and tough industrial environments

The ZM305, like all Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators, is designed and built to stand up to hard industrial environments. This indicator has an IP69K stainless steel enclosure providing ultimate protection in wet and dusty environments

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