US Airline Select Forklift Truck Scale to Improve Pallet Handling

US Airline Select Forklift Truck Scale to Improve Pallet Handling

The freight division of a US airline chose Avery Weigh-Tronix Forklift Truck Scales to improve the efficiency of its pallet handling operations.

Following a successful trial, the airline contacted its local distributor, North Texas Scales, to expand the product into more facilities. Multiple units were supplied for the larger operations that typically handle over a ton of freight daily, made up of many pallets.

Fast, simple installation, on existing forklifts

Avery Weigh-Tronix installed the units onto the existing forklift trucks on location. This transformed the fleet into mobile scales that provide trade-approved weight verification of each pallet. Drivers can now lift, weigh and move loads in one operation, rather than make repeat visits to a remote floor scale, significantly reducing handling time.

Fast and Efficient

A company director said, “Our employees love the new scale. They can pick up the load, weigh it accurately and complete the paperwork. It’s a huge time saver.”

The client now validates the declared weight of a pallet quickly, ensuring first-time invoice accuracy to the courier or freight forwarder and avoiding any loss in revenue. The total weight of all the pallets in a particular consignment is also captured; essential for precise fuel calculations and to assist with the safe and even loading of the plane.

Increased throughput

The company also added, “We can now handle more weight, without needing any more operators. Just three lift trucks fitted with the Forklift Truck Scales can achieve the same through put as five vehicles visiting a floor scale.”

Steven Gilpin, Sales Manager at North Texas Scales said, “We were delighted, but not surprised that the client decided to integrate Forklift Truck Scales into its airfreight operations. Once again it has found a way to streamline operations, increase productivity and improve its bottom line.”


  • Trade approval eliminates any doubt over data accuracy.
  • Integrates weighing into the process – saving time and cost.
  • Customers’ declared weights are verified quickly – ensuring accuracy of billing and no loss in revenue.
  • Assists with the safe and even weight distribution on the airplane.
  • Verifies the total number of pallets carried – to assist in checking for lost consignments.
  • Identifies exceptionally heavy pallets – ensuring correct handling.
  • Robust, durable design – for maximum uptime and superior reliability.