Republic Services’ High-Volume Landfill Finds Reliable Truck Weighing with Avery Weigh-Tronix Heavy-Duty Scale

Republic Services’ High-Volume Landfill Finds Reliable Truck Weighing with Avery Weigh-Tronix Heavy-Duty Scale

Republic Services, Inc., is a waste management company with more than 200 transfer stations, nearly 200 landfills and 75 recycling centers located in 2,800 communities. Its Missoula, Montana landfill alone serves 250-300 trucks per day.

Recently, the company had to find a replacement for its unreliable truck scale/weighbridge, one that could meet the landfill’s high-volume, heavy-duty traffic demands. The scale also had to guarantee accurate measurements in an efficient and reliable manner. These demands had to be met without the scale deteriorating in only a few years, which would lead to another scale replacement and further delays and costs.

Keeping downtime to a minimum

Rocky Mountain Scale Works, a full service scale company headquartered in Lolo, Montana, had been maintaining the existing truck scale at Republic Services’ landfill for more than three years, replacing failed load cells, junction boxes and power supplies. To extend its life, Rocky Mountain Scale Works rebuilt the scale and relocated equipment from underneath it to protect the electronics. The rebuilding and relocating of critical components extended the life of the scale for more than three years.

But, in early 2013, the scale exhibited signs of structural fatigue that could cause irreparable failure. The scale company recommended an Avery Weigh-Tronix heavy-duty truck scale. To ensure there would be no loss of service for the landfill customers, the two companies used a temporary rental scale while the new 100-foot pit-scale (with a weighing surface that was nearly level with the ground) was installed in only two months.

A strong, durable vehicle scale

As a company with extensive experience with all makes and models of truck-scale products and systems, Rocky Mountain Scale Works knew the BridgeMont Steel Heavy Duty (HD) steel deck truck scale/weighbridge from Avery Weigh-Tronix would meet Republic Services’ criteria of durability, weight-capacity and efficiency. Built to accommodate moderate to heavy-duty trucks, the vehicle scale features a checkered steel deck driving surface, sandwich steel deck design and continuous welding throughout the structure for strength.

Legal-for-trade weighing

With the wide range of trucks coming into the landfill, the BridgeMont Steel HD scale served Republic Services’ needs. Four of the 25-foot platforms were installed to create a 100-foot, multi-platform system that is legal-for-trade. The scale is large enough to fit and weigh a variety of vehicles, including a full 18-wheeler.

“Warranty was a huge plus, and Rocky Mountain Scale Works who installed the system, swore by them. We trust them 100 percent,” said Jim Keeney, Republic’s Missoula Operations Manager.

Fast, efficient installation

Republic and Rocky Mountain Scale Works completed the scale changeover in a short two-month timeframe. All parties involved in demolition, construction and replacement of the old scale and foundation with a new scale pit and Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scale worked closely with one another to achieve quick turnaround and operate within the proposed budget.

The project, including removal of the rental scale, installation of the new scale, certification to legal-for-trade standards and approval by the Missoula County Building Department took only eight weeks start to finish.

An ideal weighing solution

The BMS-HD truck scale has been ideal for Republic Services, with the structural integrity, capacity and efficiency to meet the landfill’s high-traffic demands.

“The pit scale has been operational since March 2013 and there have been no errors,” Keeney said. “It reads the vehicles quickly—before we can even get to the service window. It’s also very quiet. There’s no rattling; the controls are easy to use. This is exactly what we needed for how many trucks come through here.”