Lumber Company Expedites Shipping Procedures

Lumber Company Expedites Shipping Procedures

Pukall Lumber Company, located in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin, is a family-owned and operated wood products manufacturer. The business is two-pronged; the sawmill was founded in 1937 and later a retail building supply was added to sell lumber and other building materials to area builders.

Pukall handles red and white pine logs primarily, sawing them into accurate dimension lumber for the construction industry. About 30 percent of the lumber is sold locally through Pukall’s retail operations, while the rest is distributed to wholesale customers across the country and into eastern Canada.

Because Pukall purchases the logs by weight, accuracy is a key factor in its operations. It is essential to weigh incoming log trucks as they enter the yard, and again after they are unloaded to determine the actual weight of the logs delivered. In addition to weighing log trucks, Pukall also weighs outgoing deliveries to ensure they do not exceed DOT-specified weight requirements. These include finished lumber products, wood chips and wood shavings. Along with adhering to industry regulations, documenting the exact quantities being transported optimizes billing accuracy and maintains customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a reputation for quality

“Over the years we have grown steadily and, now, we are not only the largest pine lumber mill in the state of Wisconsin, but also one the premier lumber and building supply businesses in north central Wisconsin,” said Rick Wilson, VP/COO, Pukall Lumber. “It is essential for us to deliver a quality product to maintain our reputation and dedication to our customers.”

In addition to enhancing weight data accuracy, Pukall’s operations also require heavy-duty, durable scale equipment. Due to the harsh Wisconsin winters, the scales used have to be able to endure severe environmental conditions, while still providing accurate, reliable performance. Further, in the case of malfunction, Pukall needs to ensure the scales are serviced in a timely manner.

A durable solution

To overcome these challenges, Pukall implemented an Avery Weigh-Tronix BridgeMont Standard (BMS-SD) truck scale with the E1310 Programmable Indicator/Controller.

“We purchased the BMS-SD truck scale because of its durability and promise of long-lasting performance,” stated Wilson. “Plus, the BMS-SD offered a cost-effective solution that can handle moderate traffic and axle loads up to highway limits—ensuring we consistently meet regulation limits.”

The BMS-SD truck scale proved to be ideal for Pukall due to its structural integrity and capacity. The scale is large enough to sufficiently fit and weigh a variety of vehicles, including a full 18-wheeler. This allows Pukall to expedite its log receiving process, making operations significantly more efficient.

Indicator technology for advanced process control

Pukall also purchased an Avery Weigh-Tronix E1310 Programmable Indicator/Controller to measure, control and communicate weight displays. Featuring enhanced performance capability, the E1310 provides fast, precise, repeatable measurements. Further, with print capabilities, Pukall is able to save time on outgoing deliveries because truck drivers can print weigh scale tickets as they exit the yard instead of having to stop at a certified scale somewhere along the route.

A reliable service provider

While the quality of the products is critical to Pukall’s operations, prompt service and repair response is also equally important. If a scale component is not working correctly, it can affect the entire production process.

“Production downtime severely hampers our ability to do business,” said Wilson. “BSI Scales Inc. provided fast, reliable service each and every time, allowing us to remain up and running, regardless of the problem.”

Pukall has had its truck scale in use for eight years and continues to have success with it.