Product Spotlight: ZT Digital Load Cells

By: Mason Hooper

It’s official: Avery Weigh-Tronix is bringing our industry-recognized high standards for accuracy and durability to the Digital Load Cell Market. Please join us today and take a few minutes to read the article below, which outlines some of the impressive features of our new ZT Digital Load Cells. 

Let’s get some of the more technical specifications out of the way. Avery Weigh-Tronix’s ZT Digital Load Cells are hermetically sealed high-accuracy digital compression canister cells with integrated lightning protection (class 4) and rocker columns with a 66,000 lb capacity. They are factory pre-calibrated and manufactured at the industry standard height of 7.87 in, making them ideal for Weighbridge applications. Furthermore, all ZT Digital Load Cells are approved to NTEP Class III L, 10,000d and OIML R60, C6 6,000 verification intervals. Lastly, installation and servicing are easier because the ZT Digital Load Cells are connected directly to a secure bus network, making dedicated junction boxes or termination connectors obsolete. I know this is a lot of industry jargon, but the next paragraph will explain what this means for our distributors. 

Broadly speaking, our new design simplifies the cable routing and connection process, keeps the connectors away from adverse environmental conditions (e.g. flood debris, dust, and water ingress), and allows each cell and connection to be individually accessible for inspection/calibration. Additionally, to make our ZT Digital Load Cells as durable and failure-adverse as possible, each digital load cell will continue to function at a limited capacity even when one sensor fails (also known as ghosting, non-trade approved). 

The features outlined above all combine to make the ZT series among the most robust digital load cells on the market today. Because of our industry-leading design, the ZT Digital Load Cells can be used in the world’s most extreme operating conditions. We hope you have enjoyed getting an early preview of our new ZT Digital Load Cell. For more information, please reach out to our Sales Team for marketing collateral or to schedule early Service Training.