Product Spotlight: The ZK840 Programmable Indicator with a BSQ Digital Scale Base

By: Ron Teper

The ZK840 is a fully programmable indicator with a touch-screen graphic display. When paired with a BSQ Digital Scale Base, it becomes the backbone of a powerful counting and weighing system. 

The ZK840 Indicator requires a 100 VAC – 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, or 9- 36VDC. It comes with two full-duplex RS232 ports, two USB host ports, an ethernet port, one Micro SD slot, three logic level inputs with configurable functions, three setpoint outputs, and an expansion card slot for 1 of 2 option cards: 

  • 802 Wireless card 
  • 5V Analog scale card

Below are some additional features of the ZK840 Programmable Indicator

The ZK840 includes a database for storing a wide range of target weights, upper/lower tolerance bands, tare weights, product descriptions, and part numbers to allow both positive and negative checkweighing processes.

The ZK840 also includes different applications for density formulation, percentage recipe mixing, and percentage weighing all at high resolutions.

The ZK840 provides counting, checkweighing, and recipe formulation in a step-by-step list prompting the operator for the parts to pick while ensuring the correct target quantity or weight requirements are met for each final kit assembly.

The ZK840 is capable of positive and reverse grading up to 10 points per PLU. Quantities and weight are totaled per grade for shift reports.

Click the following links for literature, specification sheets, and detailed setup manuals for all the compatible applications with the ZK840.  Videos explaining these applications also exist on the secure website.