New Programmable Weight Indicator Offers New Level of Flexibility

New Programmable Weight Indicator Offers New Level of Flexibility

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ZM400 weight indicator series; a new range of programmable indicators that can be precisely configured and fine tuned with locally developed application programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of users.

User-friendly, functional design 

The ZM405 model provides an alpha-numeric keyboard while the ZM401 has a non- complicated keyboard where minimal operator activities are required. They are compatible with a wide range of weighing platforms: bench and floor scales, truck scales, scales for batching, counting and checkweighing.

Programmable performance

The ability to program the indicators offers users the benefit of precisely tailoring the indicator to analyze, store, display and transmit very specific weight data, automate complex industrial processes and link to existing back office systems. The new range has the ability to support up to 16 analog weight sensors and can receive two scale input signals, allowing users to collect and manipulate data from more than one scale at a time.

Building on existing features 

Don Halbert, who oversaw the development of the new indicators at Avery Weigh-Tronix, commented, “The ZM400 series includes proven valuable features from the existing ZM range, namely independent laboratory certified IP ratings, multiple connectivity ports and the IBN display technology. Many of our customers want to be able to program their weight indicators to fulfil very precise functions. These new programmable weight indicators offer a fully-configurable solution.”

The latest in the range of the popular range of ZM indicators, the ZM400 series offer IP69K certification and are constructed with 304 brushed stainless steel. This robust and waterproof casing makes them ideal for use in corrosive, heavy-washdown or dusty industrial environments.

Dot-matrix graphical display 

As well as offering exceptional flexibility, the ZM400 series features a high contrast, nine-segment IBN weight display. A dot matrix Graphic Array area can be used to display a combination of weight data, text and graphics such as HMI messages or operator prompts, making the ZM400 series eay to use for operators and managers alike.

For more information, visit the ZM400 Series webpage