Secure Area



Mobile shredding company, Shredaway, takes security seriously.  Its sealed shredding vehicles guarantee destruction of confidential paper waste on site, to protect customers’ data integrity.

To ensure cost efficiency, Shredaway charges by weight not volume, meaning that businesses only pay for the waste they are disposing.

The company was using floor scales to weigh full containers, but these could not accommodate the large 1100 litre bins popular with its customers. For these, Shredaway had no option than to charge by the bin load, regardless of the amount of waste inside the container.


Adjust to fit

Now, portable H601 weigh beams from Avery Weigh-Tronix allow the company to weigh all sizes of security bins on the same system.

Operators can adjust the weigh beams to suit the different bin widths, with access ramps and wheel channels for easy loading. The beams plug into a vehicle-mounted socket and link to a cab-installed indicator that prints a weight ticket.

Shredaway attaches the ticket to the collection note before the vehicle leaves the site, to prove that it has taken all necessary security measures in line with the 1998 UK Data Protection Act.

Ian Walsh, Transport Manager at Shredaway added, “The specially-designed weigh beams are easy to relocate between collections and are providing a fast and effective solution to the problem of weighing all our bins on the same vehicle.”



  • Shredaway can weigh all sizes of bins, ranging from 120 to 1100 litres on the same system – improving operational efficiency and providing a complete on-site solution.
  • The system takes up little space – and is easy to store and relocate between collections.
  • Light enough for one operator to lift – reducing manual handling and improving employee safety.
  • Approved for trade use – printout provides customers with legal proof of the amount of paper shredded and proves data integrity.