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We are pleased to announce that the BSQ base range has expanded, with the addition of two new low capacity bench bases.

The BSQ range now includes 2 lb and 10 lb (1kg and 5kg) bench bases alongside the existing higher capacity 70 lb and 175 lb (35kg and 80kg) bases, all offering the same level of accuracy and strength.

The BSQ is a high-tech, high resolution digital bench base which offers an unrivaled combination of strength and accuracy, making it ideal for industrial applications where high precision is essential.

Key BSQ base features include:

  • 1 billion internal counts
  • 10 million displayable division
  • 2.5 million usable resolution
  • 100,000 divisions non verifiable accuracy
  • Readable resolutions down to 0.0005g
  • 1100% overload

The new low capacity models bring three new optional features to the BSQ range:

  • An easy to access four door draft shield, which shields air movement to help ensure optimum weighing accuracy.
  • A 15” or 23” high ZM indicator column that can be quickly mounted to the rear of the BSQ base, making it a freestanding and fully portable scale.
  • A quick fit underhook weighing option, which attaches to fixings on bottom of the base for density type weighing applications.

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