E1205 and E1210 multi-function weight indicators

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The E1205 and E1210 weight indicators provide not only basic weighing data, but also simple process control, checkweighing, parts counting and totalising. They perform basic weighbridge routines and single level pack runs.


Able to handle sophisitcated weighing data requirements

Both indicators feature a large internal memory, sixteen fully configurable trips plus Ethernet and serial communications.  They can run up to twelve analogue load cells (two scales) or eight digital sensors. 

These smart indicators can easily handle your sophisticated weighing requirements.

E1210 - stainless steel variation for washdown environments

The E1205 and E1210 indicators are designed for tough industrial environments.  The E1210 is also sealed to IP67 and made of stainless steel, making it ideal for the heavy washdown applications found in food processing.

User-friendly displays and operation

Both feature a large, easy to read display and intuitive operator interface.

E1210 image



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